Twitter API Status

Ads cards created without card_uri parameter
Incident Report for Twitter
Between 2021-05-14 18:00:0 UTC and 2021-05-15 15:30:00 UTC, the following cards endpoints were incorrectly creating cards where the card_uri would be null. Cards created without the card_uri field cannot be used in Tweets.

POST accounts/:account_id/cards/website
POST accounts/:account_id/cards/video_website
POST accounts/:account_id/cards/image_app_download
POST accounts/:account_id/cards/video_app_download
POST accounts/:account_id/cards/image_conversation
POST accounts/:account_id/cards/video_conversation

Recommended Next Steps: We are investigating whether it is possible to recreate the card_uri field data. If this is blocking advertisers, all cards created during this time using the endpoints listed above and missing the card_uri field should be recreated. After being successfully recreated, we recommend deleting the cards.

Further updates will be available at:
Posted May 14, 2021 - 18:00 UTC